About Nawny's House

Excellent Quality Infant and Toddler Care

Bonding is Best

Nawny’s House is a licensed child care home that provides exceptional quality child care for children from birth until they are ready for kindergarten. We specifically work with families that appreciate the benefits of long-term childcare. Afterall, “it takes a village to raise a child” is not simply a saying but a reality if we are to raise well-adjusted children. I believe that children naturally thrive when they are able to bond with multiple caretakers’ in high-quality, long-term relationships. 

Studies also indicate that young children benefit greatly when they have high-quality bonded relationships with others on a long-term basis. These types of relationships provide the most natural and optimal method to help children fully develop emotionally and socially.  


Nawny’s House takes these principles to heart as we firmly believe that the first few years are the most crucially important to a child's development and ability to become an empathetic and an integral part of their family and community. In fact, our experience makes it clear that children really need bonded relationships more than anything else in order to thrive and develop to their fullest potential. This concept is also being recognized by organizations that support beneficial programs for children such as the “Zero to Three Policy Center”. According to Julie Cohen, Assistant Director, and Erica Lurie-Hurvitz, Director, ZERO TO THREE Policy Center: 














We have built our entire program on the high-quality, bonded relationship concept. Our journey to fulfill this goal begins with the first interview with our potential clients. We specifically select families that desire a long-term care arrangement. Next, we try to begin our relationship with the family as the child’s first childcare provider. We continue to provide full-time care for the child until he/she is ready for more advanced social and educational learning opportunities. For most children that will be when they are ready to begin kindergarten. We originally started as a zero to three program since these are the most crucial years in child development. However, we expanded our program to include children until they are ready to begin kindergarten because it proved unbeneficial for the children who had to leave our program when they turned four years old only to be enrolled in another childcare scenario prior to starting school.


Nawny’s House is dedicated to providing the children in our care with the best possible environment where they can bond with caretakers and friends just as they would their own family. Bonding with our babies is very gratifying but knowing that we are providing a solid foundation for the children to learn and grow makes it very worthwhile and meaningful to us as well.


“When infants and toddlers are in non-parental care, they need to form a secure attachment to their child care providers in order to thrive. Young children can only form these critical attachments when their child care providers remain stable over time. Leading experts agree that having one primary caregiver for more than a year, and optimally from entry into child care until the child is at least 3 years of age, is critical for an infant’s emotional development. When a child experiences too many changes in caregivers, it can lead to reluctance to form new relationships. The quality of care ultimately boils down to the quality of the relationship between the child care provider and the child; skilled and stable providers promote positive development.”

Love and Respect

Nawny’s House is more than just child care, we believe all children need to know that they are deeply cared for and respected. We sincerely want this to be each child's reality while in our care.  We grow to love every child as though they are a part of our own family and we genuinely want what is best for each one. By knowing the children in our care so intimately it is possible to provide them with the most complete care. 

We are Raising Bold and Confident Children

Our main educational focus is communication. I believe that children are empowered when they are able to express themselves to say or sign what they need or want. By teaching children strong communication skills, we are essentially empowering them in all areas of learning. By teaching children to communicate with exceptional manners they are able to communicate in a way that brings favor upon them. Having strong communication skills helps children to be bold and confident. Being bold and confident along with having impeccable manners will help a child succeed in every area of their lives. These important skills will benefit children throughout their lifetime.