Excellent Quality Infant and Toddler Care

Birth to 17 Months

We strive for high-quality bonded relationships with each child in our care to ensure they know they are loved and have a sense of belonging. Your baby will develop relationships not only with the teachers but also with the other children. We believe that this approach will lay the foundation for your child's future success.


Communication is our main educational focus for infants. We also teach Bright Horizons® “Bright Baby” curriculum and “Baby Signing Times.” Our typical class will consist of one teacher and two or three students.

Your infant will have many opportunities to socialize throughout the day. they will most likely meet their first friends at Nawny's House! Many of our children have the privilege of continuing those relationships long into the future. This allows for the perfect beginning to forming high-quality long-term relationships.


We have many activities for your infant to enjoy throughout the day. These activities are both fun and educational. By providing excellent care and fun and interesting activities we ensure that your baby will have delightfully rich day!