Excellent Quality Infant and Toddler Care

18 to 35 Months

Nawny's House provides a wide range of activities that ensure toddlers will have a fun and interesting day. They will be the 'big kids' now as they continue to interact with the infants in our group. Friendships with their peers will also continue to grow stronger as they gain a deep sense of community.


We teach our exclusive “Little Lambs School” for one and two-year-olds and supplement with additional curriculums including "The Bible in Felt“ and ” Baby Signing Times”. Each class typically consists of one teacher and two students per age group.

It is a bit hard to grasp how much children learn by the time they become toddlers. Yet, this is a very crucial time to continue to teach and guide these youngsters. Children in this age group need a lot of freedom of expression and a good amount of coaching as well when it comes to relationships and behavior.

This is also a time when potty training will be introduced to children. We have a zero stress policy when it comes to potty training the children in our care. To learn more about how we accomplish this read Zero Stress Potty Training.  


At this point, most toddlers are able to communicate their basic desires. We focus on shaping their communication style so that they are not only able to communicate in an acceptable way but also to do so with good manners. Our approach is one that is accepting of the child's desires while guiding them to appropriate attitudes and actions. Toddlers and their caretakers will benefit from this style of learning environment well into their future.