Excellent Quality Infant and Toddler Care

Good Nutrition is Vital

The founders of Nawny's House believe nutrition is a vital element in raising healthy, well-adjusted children. After over 30 years of studying nutrition Nawny's House owner and director, Paula Smith, has determined that an organic whole food plant-based diet is best children and adults as well.


We strive to offer high-quality food for each and every meal and snack to the children in our care. You can learn more about eating a whole food plant-based diet at the Center for Nutrition Studies. Unfortunately, the UDSA is still recommending bovine milk for human consumption. Even though this goes against our personal beliefs we are required to serve it to the children at meals in order to fulfill childcare regulations. 


Otherwise, we do not serve any animal products to the children. Instead, our meals are rich in legumes, vegetables, fruits, and grains. We also serve a very limited amount of processed foods that consists mainly of bread and pasta. We do not serve foods containing sugar or food coloring either. All of our meals are prepared in-house in our own kitchen by well-trained staff who understand the nutritional value of the foods served.

We also support infant led weening so that children have the best start when it comes to diet and nutrition! Visit Baby's First Foods to learn more about infant led weening and feeding your baby their firsts foods.  

While your child is in our care you can rest assured that they will be gaining the benefits of the best possible nutrition!