Excellent Quality Infant and Toddler Care

Three and Four Year Olds

Preschoolers will engage in many fun yet educational activities each and every day while continuing to interact with the infants and toddlers in our care. They will learn empathy and realize their an important part of our community as they come to the aid of a younger child who asks for their help. We give the children in this age group the opportunities to practice leading and mentoring throughout our day as it is a great way to foster their confidence. 


The children continue to build on communication skills, manners, and responsibility. Our preschool curriculum consists of “Little Lambs School” for three and four-year-old’s, and other supplemental curriculums such as The Bible in Felt, and “Baby Signing Times”. 


Each class typically consists of one teacher and one or two students per age group. By this point of progression through our program, you will recognize very well adjusted, bold, confident, yet well-mannered children.


The children will continue to learn as their relationships with their friends and teacher become even stronger. Many of the children will continue these relationships well into the future though play dates or future school experiences. These bonded relationships your child will experience at Nawny's House will be an asset to them for the rest of their lives in terms of their own personal social skills and self-esteem.