Mission and Philosophy

Excellent Quality Infant and Toddler Care


Founders Keith and Paula Smith



Founders, Keith and Paula Smith are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for infants and toddlers and providing peace of mind for today’s busy parents. Parents will be able to rest assured that their little one will always be loved and cherished and that providing their child with the best possible care will always be our priority. Our high standard of care focuses on helping children to feel safe and content and to know they are important. We also emphasize a safe and clean environment as well.

Nawny's House understands how crucially important the first few years are to a child's future ability to learn and develop. That is why from the delicate beginnings at birth until a child graduates our preschool program we will play a vital developmental role with each child in our care. Nawny's House builds high-quality bonded relationships through personal care, thoughtfulness, and understanding. Through encouragement and guidance, we will inspire your child to not only reach important milestones but also reach their fullest potential. This approach imparts a sense of accomplishment in children that helps develop a positive self-identity. Having a positive self-identity produces confidence in children that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

Our primary strategy is to provide a warm-loving, safe, and stimulating environment for children to grow and learn each day they are in our care. Specifically, we care for children from birth to shortly after they graduate our preschool program and are ready for kindergarten because believe these first years of life are the most critical time in a child’s development. We believe that providing children with long term emotionally nourishing relationships lays the foundation for lifelong health, well-being, and learning.


We will do our part to work together as partners with parents to ensure all of your child’s needs are fulfilled. In order to accomplish this, we will discuss your child’s progress, milestones, and any concerns as well to achieve the best possible care and outcome for your child. Additionally, we will endeavor to teach your little one social, behavior, and communication skills as well as preschool readiness skills to help prepare them for successful learning once they are ready to move to kindergarten. We believe communication is imperative to effectively meet our goals and provide a well-balanced routine for your child. Please, always feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with us.

Thank you for your interest in finding the best possible care for your child! We look forward to a long and rewarding friendship with you and your child!



Nawny’s House believes children should be respected and have fun! After all, child development experts agree that young children learn mostly through play. These carefree years are so short, and yet such a very important part of a child’s development. All too soon these little ones will be exposed to a much more rigorous and structured form of learning. Nawny’s House provides a relaxed environment in which children may take part in many activities from day to day that help develop basic skills (communication skills, creativity, letter & number recognition, color & shape recognition, reading readiness, large motor skills, small motor skills, etc.).


Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We understand how children learn and develop, and we use this knowledge to meet children where they are in the developmental continuum. We encourage them towards challenging, yet attainable goals. We know that children are active learners, and that through physically interacting with people and materials in their environment, they are literally building neural pathways in their brain. In defining our philosophy, we work from the following foundational truths:

  • Children learn through play and the active manipulation of materials in their environment.

  • Structuring the daily routine provides a balance of both teacher and child-directed activities that enhance learning.

  • All children are unique individuals, and as such will grow and respond at their own pace.

  • We believe the early childhood nursery/classroom should be sensitive to these individual differences by providing all children with a rich variety of experiences.

  • We believe that a child's self-esteem is a critical ingredient in the entire education process.

  • We nurture self-esteem through respect and the quality of relationships and adult/child interactions.

  • We structure our environment and program to provide children with successful accomplishments, while still being challenged.


Christian Belief


Nawny's House will expose children to Christian beliefs through prayer, bible songs, books, arts and crafts, and holiday celebrations. However, we will never try to convert or pressure children to conform to any religious beliefs or activities in any way. Regardless, if you are uneasy of the influences of the Christian faith that is represented by Nawny’s House staff, decorations, literature, curriculum, etc. then Nawny’s House may not be the right choice for your child. We respect all religions, beliefs, and cultures and therefore out of respect and for educational purposes we may from time to time include children’s books, arts, crafts and materials about other cultures and religions as well.